About Us

Terra Nova is an interdisciplinary online magazine for the enquiring mind. Our mission is to bring you fascinating stories and fantastic photography from the four corners of our world, and in keeping with both our name and our fundamental values, to endeavour wherever possible into the unknown, to cover new ground, and to look at Planet Earth from every conceivable angle.

Why “Terra Nova” ?

Our magazine was named after one of the most famous expeditions of discovery ever to have taken place. In 1910, Captain Robert Falcon Scott – an inspiration to many and a personal hero to us – led a team of scientists and adventurers to Antarctica in the hope of reaching the geographic South Pole. In January 1912, exactly 100 years before our magazine was first imagined, he and three others reached it.

Those familiar with Scott’s story will know that the captain and his comrades never made it back to camp. Nevertheless, the Terra Nova Expedition of 1910-12 had made great inroads into an undiscovered continent and an unreported world. Those who survived the frozen planet returned home with many significant geological, meteorological and biological findings.

While we at Terra Nova Magazine do not proclaim or pretend to be as enterprising as those illustrious pioneers, we do take a great deal of inspiration from their endeavour, and we aim to serve their memory by following them into uncharted territory and by bringing back something a little different for our readers to enjoy.

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