Photo-Essay: Overlanding Africa

A truck slides of a mud-road in Cameroon

It was at the start of 2012 that I saw Gary’s ad online. He was looking for 15 fellow travellers for the adventure of a lifetime: Reykjavik, in Iceland, to Cape Town, in South Africa, overlanding through Europe and down the entire western coast of Africa in a modified 1977 Bedford. The journey was to take 6 months and would clock up more than 20,000km across 22 different and diverse countries.

It was almost an entire year after reading that ad that we finally set off from the Icelandic capital, giddy at the prospect of the epic journey ahead of us. Within three weeks we had crossed Europe, and by the end of January 2013 we had arrived in Africa…

Manu Grieco is an Italian travel-addict currently living in Amsterdam. She blogs about her experiences at 

Manu was using a Nikon D90.

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